My name is Priscilla.

New ideas fascinate me,

creative projects excite me.

I'm an Indonesian-American marketer based in Berlin. Before purchasing my one-way ticket to Germany, I've spent time bouncing between tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Austin, Chicago, Madrid and Hong Kong.


My experience working at technology companies, consulting startups and living abroad has paved my interest in global technology trends and entrepreneurship.

Outside of work I enjoy testing new ideas. Whether it's participating in a monthly hackathon, working on a community project or trying the latest Asian cooking recipe, side projects keep me on my toes. 

Got a cool idea and interested in collaborating? Reach out here.


Fun fact, I've lived in seven countries.

Indonesia, The Philippines, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and Italy. Check out my travel recommendations!


Public speaking used to be my biggest fear. I try to overcome this through speaking at events, hosting workshops and participating in panels. 

Check out the events I've been a part of.