Segovia Day Trip: Sites & Must Try Dish

Looking for a day trip of out Madrid? Look no further and be prepared to time travel back to medieval Spain and into present day Segovia.


By train (AVE, high-speed train), Segovia from Madrid takes about 30 minutes and costs around 12 euros from Madrid.

By bus (La Supulvedana), it takes an extra 30 minutes to an hour in transit but will cost a bit cheaper depending on the schedule.

By car, the 90 km ride from Madrid will take you around one hour if you drive on the A-6 to the AP-61 toll road, or a little longer if you take the A-6 to the N-603 instead. This route takes you past several smaller cities worth exploring (if you have the time) like Hontoria, Los Angeles de San Rafael, Guadarrama, Alpedrete, Collado Villalba, Toerrelodones, and Las Rozas.


Ancient Roman Aqueduct Segovia is famously known for the tallest and best-preserved aqueducts. The Romans were master plumbers of the ancient times and no expense was spared in creating the elaborate structure. Stretching 14 kilometers from the mountains to the east, the aqueduct consist of 20,400 free standing stone blocks; not a single drop of mortar was used to hold them together. What’s fascinating is that the structure has withstood hurricanes and earthquakes and continued to bring water to the city until 1950.

Alcázar It was here that Queen Isabella met King Ferdinand in the 15th century; the marriage of the Catholic monarchs brought together two kingdoms of Castile and Aragon creating one of the most important chapters in Spanish history. Isabella was crowned Queen of Spain in Segovia’s Plaza Mayor and it was at the castle that she promised Christopher Columbus financial backing for his discovery of the New Word.

Cathedral of Segovia The Cathedral was the last major Gothic building constructed in Spain. Lasting more than 50 years, the creation of the structure began in 1525 under Emperor Charles V. The impressive edifice is located in the main square of the city and allows guest visits for a 3 euro entrance fee.

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Must Try Dish!

Cochinillo Segovia’s most famous dish also known as the roast suckling pig. Traditionally, the meat is cut with a plate instead of a fork to show how tender and well-cooked the meat is. One of the city’s most popular restaurant for this dish is Restaurante José María. Reservations are typically needed and a minimum of 2 guests is required to opt for the 6 course tasting menu (50 euros). Check out my series of food reviews on my Instagram Story below: