ROLE: Co-Founder (June 2014 – September 2014)


Project Outside the Box is a six-week summer program aiming to provide new perspectives and opportunities for 12-16 year olds with low income, single parent and vulnerable backgrounds. The project was fully funded by Bank of America and sponsored by Community HousingWorks, a nonprofit organization that develops and operates affordable apartment.

For first generation students, college is often considered out of reach; however, through college tours, panels, and financial fitness classes, we have shown that college is a possible long term investment for their future. Along with promoting higher education, we work to broaden their cultural perspectives and community involvement through our weekly programs. 

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While working on the Project, I was invited to the Bank of America Student Summit in Washington D.C. The event brought together 500 student leaders and allowed us to share our community initiatives. During this week, I was also invited to speak with Congresswoman Susan Davis, U.S. Representative for California's 53rd congressional district, about the concerns of education and ways to improve the education system in San Diego. 

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