NOAH London 2019

The content strategy that 4x engagement rates and 3x website traffic


Two months before event day, NOAH Conference was looking to promote their upcoming conference, NOAH London 2019, by establishing a digital marketing strategy that would increase engagement, impressions, reach and followers on their social channels.  ​


  • Connect with the target audience through community initiatives and knowledge sharing 

  • Increase social media sentiments organically; no ad budget will be allocated into promotion


  • Collaborated with conference speakers to create interview pieces for participating companies

  • Created marketing partnerships with participating companies to increase NOAH’s reach


  • Interview content promotes brand credibility. The interviews are conducted with CEOs, founders and C-Levels from Europe’s fastest growing companies 

  • Interview content shares thought leadership. From building a brand, scaling company culture, to 2030 industry predictions, the interviews aim to inspire other industry leaders

  • It taps into a wider reach. A win-win marketing strategy for NOAH and participating companies as it pushes its brand towards other online channels and communities 

  • Low cost, fast outcome: all interviews are conducted through email and posted directly on the blog


* results are compared to previous NOAH London marketing period in 2018 to refrain from seasonality bias

  • Content: 67 out of 180 companies participated in the interview content initiative

  • Impressions: LinkedIn 2x, Instagram 8x, Facebook 2.5x, Twitter 3.2x

  • Engagements : LinkedIn 5x, Instagram 3x, Facebook 3x, Twitter 1.6x

  • Website Impact:

    • Website traffic 3x

    • Average session duration 4x

    • New users 1.4x

    • Bounce rate decreased by 23%



  • People like promoting themselves. If you find a way to leverage that, your company can win by spotlighting others

  • Startups were more eager to participate compared to bigger corporates; startups are more likely to promote the content multiple times and work on more marketing initiatives 

  • Stakeholder management is very important in this project. Create a spreadsheet to keep up with each interview status and point of contacts to follow up with

  • Email interviews work like a charm. Not only was the method fast, easy and effective, but companies also feel more comfortable answering in a controlled environment over a live method with more margins of errors


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